Attico Partenopeo Bed and Breakfast Napoli

The Art

The B&B Attico Partenopeo is an expression of the vibrant city of Naples. A city that actually is acquiring a new aspect thanks also to the pedestrian areas recently risen up nearby the Art Museum Metro Station joining with the Greek, Roman, of Angevin and Aragonese ancient walls: this is the inspiration and features of a relay as elegant and sophisticated which aims to be a meeting place between the ancient walls of the nineteenth century and the modern interior carefully restored in 2008.

The B&B Attico Partenopeo is tastefully decorated in nuances of blue sky mixed up with coffee beans colored ceramics. The same brawn that bring us the memory of a traditional Neapolitan coffee.

The B&B Attico Partenopeo is also the starting point through unusual artistic itineraries offered by several contemporary museums risen up in Naples during last decade.

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